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Durga singh commented on 04 Oct 2019, 03:02 PM

Hi Nitin,

I need your urgent help – its very basic technique , I hope you will help me out ASAP


Let Suppose XYZ stock or Nifty 50

> Buy = when second candle (9:45 am) closes above the high of first candle (9:30 am)

same with SELL signal

> Buy = In a intraDay , if any 15 min candle closes above High of first 15 min Candle (9:30 am)

for eg:- we have a stock – its first 15 min(9:30 am) candle (open – 98 – High 101) then its start falling but in mid of day a rally comes , lets suppose 1:30 pm candle closes above High of first 15 min candle then a buy signal generates

same with SELL signal

Looking forward to your help

Durga singh 

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