Comment on The race to Zero – Can the Indian brokerage industry survive?

Radhe commented on 04 Oct 2019, 07:39 AM

I started with Zerodha in 2014 as a client and immediately within 3 months knew they would make it big. Then I visited Mumbai Andheri office in 2015, they had recently moved to that place, that time.

Now since last few years Zerodha has started deployment of So called BROKERS where you need to just pay a measly amount to Zerodha and open a association with them. You give them clients by making them join Zerodha. In return Zerodha pays as high as 40% of the Brokerage amount. That means even if you lose or make money, your BROKER makes money and I have seen idiots like a friend who doesn’t have even 1% of knowledge of Stock Market making more than 1 lakh per month.

I used to take classes and teach people how to make money by investing or trading. We used to get entire Brokerage from Zerodha if account was positive in 60 days. That entire motivation stuff has gone. I have written to Sebi about this kind of idiot things Zerodha, Upstox or any so called brokers have started since last 2 years.

I am sure such things have to end no matter what…

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