Comment on Apply for IPOs using UPI

Narendra Kumar SS commented on 03 Oct 2019, 11:24 AM

I am trying to apply for IRCTC IPO thru
The bank linked to my account is Citibank India.
I clicked on the “Place Bid” link on the IPO page.
I gave my UPI id for Citibank and the bid got accepted. Now, I am seeing the link “Modify Bid” in place of “Apply Bid”.
But, I don’t see the amount blocked in my Citibank account. Also, I didn’t get any mandate for this bid.

When I clicked on the Funds->Bank Mandates link, it showed “Mandates (eNASH)” page, where there is a link called “Create New Mandate”.
I clicked on this “Create New Mandate”. It gave an error that: “Sorry! Banks mapped to your trading account don’t yet support eMandates.”

So, does it mean I cannot apply for IPO thru Zerodha using Citibank?
Then why did it accept the bid and showing “Update Bid” link?

Please let me know how to proceed on this?


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