Comment on Z5 - Intro to our HTML5 Trading Platform

[email protected] commented on 28 Nov 2014, 12:47 PM

Dear Mr. Kamath

I am not writing this in hope of any positive measures to be taken from your side as I am sure you are not able to do that.

I joined Zerodha a few months back switching over from my earlier vendor in hope of some great trading experience along with low brokerage. The trading software for which Zerodha has been self praising is in fact not so great. Particularly I am talking about Z5 which I am using. It has gone worst day by day. Need not to tell about that in details. Anybody can experience it and you are well aware of that. Fact is that user has to spend more time in login and re-login due to frequent disconnect and no movement in tickers than he spends doing trade. You have been making false promises of betterment as also moving to some new software (Kite). I don’t know if there is any serious intention for that. What I feel Zerodha is simply involved in luring more and more customers by offering lower brokerage and now it has reached to a point where its System is not capable of handling the load.
This was just to apprise you of my feeling. I will be switching back to my old vendor who has improved a lot in the meantime while Zerodha has gone worse and worse as regards to customer experience.

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