Comment on Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders

jaydeep commented on 25 Sep 2019, 02:06 PM

I am sorry i did not get that completely.Can you please elaborate ? .
I will put three query here, can you please share your comment on that ?

do you mean 2K jump was not a big move ?
GTT is meant to cover means it will continue to be triggered in case of big movements (which are known before hand to move the market , like planned conference from finance ministers to boost economy etc)

I am just trying to understand it completely how and when GTT gets canceled ?

For example, I may think for a 100 Rs share , 200 is big price to sell and if it touches 200, there are chances it will come down soon from over price , and offer opportunity to buy again at low after selling at 200 , and hence I put GTT sell of 200.
But in case of sudden boost to market scenario, where in single day it reached from 100 to 200(just for example) , it is more likely it is going to go even higher so i would have preferred if my GTT was canceled day before and i get to set new GTT sell, based on the mood of market and make sure i anyway set 200 as stoploss just in case market recovers that fast too.

3) is above case stop loss possible where i am not buying above 200 but , if before corporate/government event my GTT gets cancelled and next day I place it again for say sell GTT of 250 and want to sell at least at 200 if it starts falling before reaching 250 ? basically two GTT sell without any buy in that range or day, with one cancels other option ?

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