Comment on Introducing Console holdings

Sudipta commented on 23 Sep 2019, 07:02 PM

Hey, someone from Z-team please help. Earlier we were getting the trade-wise charges details in the console report (P&L report). But from last 10 days, this has stopped. Only the total charges for the day is being shown. The individual charges for each script for the day shows zero. Why was feature removed ? I have checked with your support team. They asked me to download the Tax P&L report. But unfortunately that also does not contain the information (charges for one single script for one particulate date). Your Tax P&L statement gives the charges for one single script for one entire quarter summed up together. How do I know what is the charge added for one single day ? Let’s say I am frequently buying and selling some particular script twice or trice in a week. I want to know the charges added for each day. How & where do I get it ? It seems you have stopped updating that in console (earlier we were getting it simply in the P&L Statement in console). Someone please help, I need that info frequently.

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