Comment on Introducing "Varsity"

gammyind commented on 27 Nov 2014, 06:52 PM


Hope this is will be published as you will get feedback from others too. All the said initiative is good but trust the sole purpose of opening a account with Zerodha is to buy & sell stocks. But on most days I cant do the same using your crap trading tools. I face issue on a daily basis with your Mobile application & even your website ( You have the worst mobile application I have used from all the brokers. It rarely works properly between 9.15 to 10.30 & 1.30 to 3.30. The same is the case with your trading website. Trust you would be aware many people like me may not at all times have access to your desktop application. Also, few times I tried to use the desktop application, it takes ages to reach the trading screen. To top it all, when such a issue is going on, you call & trade service is also always busy since obviously all users must be facing the problem hence they too might be calling. I am sure I am not the only one facing such issue as twitter is full of tweets with such issue.

Today, on a expiry day, the whole day I faced issues with all your trading platforms & the call & trade facility. Because of this, I was unable to catch on handsome profits today on MRF Future contract. I have suffered because of your poor service in the past too.

The service after getting to your executive on call was also not that great as they could not even properly confirm if the position is squared off. On asked to transfer the line to some senior, I was told that they are busy. Never seen such kind of customer service where such a reply is given to a customer.

Using your service means that I have to cope with the anxiety of if you applications will work or not along with price movement anxiety.

Before taking time for such initiative, please get your act together & trading platforms & service in place since we all are here to trade in the first place. I am very near to moving out all my funds & move to some other service provider. Do remember reliability is very important in broking business.

Prasad Shetty

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