Comment on On conspiracy theories about Zerodha

Jagan commented on 12 Sep 2019, 08:09 PM

Hello Nithin, Matti,
From Last fives years, I have surfed zerodha sites so many times, but always understood MIS orders will be squared-off at 3:20 by exchange or zerodha. But i never got conveyed by Zerodha about this charge for the auto square off. Not sure why you charge so much ( charging for each script) for square-off (equal to call and trade). You know, charge for Human effort can not be equated to machine work. How can you equate here.

After five years I saw to total sqaure-off charges turned to a big amount, Strangely ( obviously? ) Kite doesn’t provide API to square-off, which is easy to implement and useful for the KITE API consumers.

Still wondering how can I’m not aware of this hidden charge, which was so easy to eliminate.

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