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Matti commented on 09 Sep 2019, 06:10 PM

Sorry, missed your comment. Here is what you need to do:

1. Name of Applicant – Company Name
2.Address – Company address
3.Proof of address – Rent agreement with authorized partner seal and signature.
4.Contact Details – Company details.
5.FAX – Fax number is not mandatory
6.Email ID – You can provide any email ID. You can also change it at a later time if required.
7.DIN – For a partnership firm, DIN is not mandatory

Page 4
Do we need to enter details for both the partners – Yes

Page 5

Gross Annual Income – Details of the company

2. Trading / Bank Account Details – Bank details of the company

3.Depository Participant – Zerodha. We are the Depository participant the same will be filled by us. You can ignore this.

Page 6 –
1.Trading preference experience – Only the primary partner.
2.Do we have to stamp (Company stamp) all the papers – Yes on all the signatures
3.ECN Specify – Company

Page 11

Does both the partners need to sign or the primary person who would manage the account – Only the primary partner who is authorized should sign the F box

Page 12

Client Name (F 10), Personal or Company – Company name

Page 13

Demat account required, 1st holder or 2nd holder – Only primary partner who is authorized can do the sign in F box
Type of account – Partnership account option not available? – You can select ‘Others’

Page 14
1.Dividend details – Company
2.Net worth – Company

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