Comment on On conspiracy theories about Zerodha

Suman commented on 06 Sep 2019, 10:15 AM

Hey Nitin,
This is about what you said for “Misselling: We do not have a single person on our 1000+ team that has a brokerage revenue or commission target. No advisors or relationship managers.”

We know you have made many partners outside for your product selling and what you don’t know is their selling practices. They are misleading people with attractive offers like cash prize, free tips. One of such fake person is with ID AUOKPC , he forces people to open new zerodha account of your family member if he already have it/change email/change mobile/ and he earns more than minimum 5 lac per month in commission.

Well commissioning is not a problem, it’s about the practice he have to promote your product. He teaches how to trade in market while he himself not trading , He’s just fooling people to make them to earn from market.

I challenge you , if you can post history of his traders who are in profit after a span of 8 months. I bet even not a 5% of his overall referrals. It is just because he don’t know about trading and making people brokerage generator machine by trading again and again. I request you to verify this by following his some videos on youtube. At-least give him training in varsity.

Such people are creating more loosers in market than winners just because of your commissioning model. He gets 60% share of every brokerage and the worst part is in all these Mr. Shubham , your office employee has great favor on him and you talk about we don’t have such person . Shame on you and that partner who are having such cheap business on people hard earned money. If he has guts then trade himself then show to earn from market.

once you have given him best partner. Shame on zerodha.

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