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Rajib commented on 03 Sep 2019, 09:32 PM

Dear Nitin,
It seems to be a clarification for your self rather than for your customers.
Zerodha hasn’t been having problems once in a while….it’s been having problems all along. I got into trading due to your platform (thanks for that) but now i have moved significant portion of my trades away from you. The only reason is, I am not sure about your system reliability.
I read your statement of 0% downtime as an impossible premise. Can you please tell us is that your argument or is that an alibi? We all know that no system in this world is fail proof. But reliability is established when one sincerely tries to reach closer to it (0%).
Your guys don’t even pick the phone during a problem and if they do, they are anything but polite.
Your own statements show that, you dont treat small (i mean unnoticeable) problems as problems and you are pretty dismissive about it. Only when a problem reaches the media(social included), you seem to take notice yet your responses are excuses and dismissive of the problem again.
I for one, would like not only to thank you (to have introduced me to trading) but also for keeping me away from you.

However, out of goodwill, i would like to make few suggestions (if at all you care):
– please ensure your staff are courteous and polite
– please ensure problems are addressed in a believable and transparent manner
– please spend time with a customer to help him/her and dont treat them as novices (while some of them like me are)
– finally, invest time and resources in redundancies first and new products can wait a little while

Hope, your platform gets better in future.


ps: BTW, i am writting this comment second time. In the afternoon when i posted first time, your system said “comments are closed”,,,,i dont know whether your message was a one-way street….if so, i am SORRY.

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