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daniel commented on 03 Sep 2019, 07:41 PM

Hi Nithin,

all said and done I like to congratulate you on your greatly enviable success. You are definitely unique(wrt no ads and yet exponential growth if i may say so). But keeping it short 2 issues-

1.My banknifty order got executed 16sec later which i had placed at the open–today short sell at open. And no need to mention the price was almost at the target then. I remember you had said a year or so back that you guys had resolved this issue due to crowding at open etc etc and I noticed back then too that at open executions had improved significantly. Please do reply. If this continues its pretty clear that I will have to forgo juicy at open trades for the rest of my life by trading with Zerodha ! (my earlier broker had no such delays-it was instant-of course he had not even a fraction of your active traders forget banknifty)
2. Please do add one important thing to kite web chartIQ-the countdown to bar close.(i think its available on TVC).I had requested this long back.
Pls acknowledge your receipt of this Mr.CEO.(another of the privileges of a zerodha client),Thank you.TC.

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