Comment on On conspiracy theories about Zerodha

Vicky Patel commented on 03 Sep 2019, 06:28 PM

Really appreciate for the clarifications and I think you make sense in lot of ways. my friend forwarded this post to me and I am quite amazed to see such care for clients and I went through your yes bank posts as well, nicely explained.

A few months ago, one of your executives had called for account opening but I didn’t wish to as I had an account with upstox already, now since I have with you as well, I have to admit that comparatively, your app is BAAP of all the apps in the country, I wasted my time with different brokers looking for features that I never knew you had.
Thanks Zerodha and People who read comments don’t open account with upstox if you are a technical trader, they are down today as well.

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