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Mahesh commented on 03 Sep 2019, 02:32 PM

Thanks to Nitin and Zerodha for clarifications and detailed information on the issue.
I would like to tell few points from my 15 years experience in IT industry working in Real time Data processing Domain.
1. Compare Apples with Apples and not with anything else.- A trading software cannot be compared with Google or Facebook or any other social networking softwares as these Need Not Work in Real time, a minute delayed in google search results do not cause financial loss, neither a 3 minute delay in FB post causes financial loss. Trading system needs to be robust and needs to work in almost real time.
2. Other brokers do not have as much infrastructure as you have.. they are spreading noise.. let us not worry.

3. Bank systems also fail, but the loss/impact on customers are heavy and painful for users of Trading software.
assume bank system fails, customers money are intact and value of money Does Not Change, where as, if trading system fails, then the stock purchased or sold has a varying price and this causes loss.
like person A transfers money to person B and server fails, here money is safe and value does not change.
Rather say a BO or CO or MIS order is partially executed, will the value of stock remain as it is if one of broker system fails? No it wont, this causes loss.

Pls do the needful so that customers are not affected due to IT failures.

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