Comment on On conspiracy theories about Zerodha

Nagarajan commented on 03 Sep 2019, 01:19 PM

During that down time period also all my orders are got executed, may be I am small time trader and investor aged 55years. I was in mkt., on and off for 3decades are more and seen many of this going around. I wish always Zerodha the best at all times and everytime. I was taking delivery of high value shares on paper formats and found fake certificate when sent for transfer at company registrar. More I lost in huge values when my broker square off my holding citing a reason, delivery is not a possible solution.
From year, 1990-1994, bruising years for me for bad deliveries.
Now, we r in a world of on single click for entire operations.
We have grown up well. We will grow with Zerodha. Till date, I never called them over phone for anything. Perfect broker. My loving brother and Dutiful stock broker
–V S Nagarajan

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