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Jagdish commented on 03 Sep 2019, 12:57 PM

I will share my experience. I have recently shifted to Zerodha. I had demat account with other renowned broker and let me tell you downtime were quite usual at that other platform, platform was not trading friendly, order executions took time – sometimes dropped, links used to broken several time a day, brokerage was very high.
I regret why I did not switched to Zerodha earlier. Zerodha is fast, is elegant, very trade friendly, layout of the things on site is excellent.
More over kind of interaction that happens at Zerodha is marvelous. Varsity has great content, it is so superbly written – complicated issues explained in such a language that a common man can easily understand. Q&A, Connect etc platforms have almost had all the information that I ever wanted to search for related to trading. Bulletin is great, article on Yes bank was fantastic. I came across various topics through Zerodha, which I had never heard of and went on to explore these topics (very recent being the disposition effect which I think I came to know about from Yes bank article).
I fully agree with Nitin that there will be no site that will not have any technical glitch or bug or will have no downtime. I do not know anyone from the Zerodha time but the kind of content, layout, discussions, briefing etc I see at Zerodha and from my own trading experience I am very confident that management and team at Zerodha are very dedicated towards and committed towards making trading as convenient, real time and accurate as possible. I can feel that management has a great vision and have lots of concern about their product and customer. Nitin coming and explaining the root cause of the glitch, temporary fixes and long term planning is an indicative of their concern about the customers. I am not sure how many from topmost management from other trading platform do this.
Keep up the good work Zerodha.

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