Comment on On conspiracy theories about Zerodha

Manish commented on 03 Sep 2019, 12:57 PM

I’m guessing a lot of the frustration could be because the outage happened on F&O expiry day at a time when the markets have inflicted losses on a majority of traders…But my experience with Zerodha has been that the downtimes are much less than I faced with my previous broker (who still crows about being the best broker in the country). These things happen, and can never be completely eliminated. That is just one of the risks you have to manage when you trade.
So ignore the conspiracy theories. You have built a remarkable business and it’s streets ahead of any Indian (or maybe even global) broker. Just carry on doing what you do best.
Also, think very carefully before you accept outside funding, because then you will have to manage the business for the investors and not your clients. And normally what is good for the investor is bad for the client, and vice versa….

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