Comment on On conspiracy theories about Zerodha

Ajay Pinto commented on 03 Sep 2019, 12:52 PM

Hi Nithin,

I appreciate you taking time out to explain the situation and fully support you. I acknowledge the change your team has brought to broking business and how beneficial this has been to the retail traders. Your team has developed a full eco system of enablers to the retail trader which were not available or affordable earlier. Things like stock scanner ‘small scanner’, algo trading ‘streak’, options strategies ‘sensibull’, fundamental analysis ‘Thomson Reuters’ reports etc stand out and kudos to your team’s efforts in bringing them to a retail trader/investor.

About the outages, I do appreciate you acknowledging that there have been technical difficulties, but now that zerodha is the number 1 and in a position to set benchmarks one would expect sufficient scenario based testing to have a robust system. Previously you have said that updates to systems happen over the weekend and sometimes due to unstable updates there is a outage on Mondays.
People buy into brands because there is a trust that they work, but behind the scenes it’s the processes that take care of small things that give this impression to the customer. Something did go wrong with zerodha on this day and your team identified the cause. What would have been great was if there was also an explanation on how this scenario was not foreseen. How are the internal processes being tweaked to ensure these unforeseen scenarios do not put your customers through the trauma of being helpless while seeing their money turn from black to red. You very rightly advocate the use of stop loss, but how does one execute a stop loss when the system is down?

This acknowledgement and explanation would go a long way to soothe nerves and continue the path breaking journey you and your team have undertaken with Zerodha.


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