Comment on Account Opening Process - Corporate,Partnership Firm, & HUF

Satinder Kumar commented on 28 Aug 2019, 05:13 PM

Hello Nitin, Need help Zerodha team..
We are planning to open a partnership firm demat account, we are not getting clarification on following questions..

There are two partners, Only the primary partner will do trading..


Name of Applicant – Do we need to enter the firm name or Individual name?
Address – Would that be company address or Individual?
Proof of address – We have GST and Rent agreement? which will work?
Contact Details – Company or individual ?
FAX – We dont have fax number ?
Email ID – Company Emiail ID not available?
DIN – Not there -?

Page 4 –

Name – Do we need to enter details for both the partners?

Page 5 –

Gross Annual Income – Do we need enter details for Company or for partners?

Trading / Bank Account Details – Do we need enter details for Company or for partners?

Depository Participant – Company or Individual?

Page 6 – Trading preference experience, Client Signature (F3A), Only for one partner or for both.. Only the primary partner will operate the account.

Do we have to stamp (Company stamp) all the papers.

ECN Specify – Indivdual or Both or Company?

Page 11 – Does both the partners need to sign or the primary person who would manage the account

Page 12 – Client Name (F 10), Personal or Company?

Page 13 – Demat account required, 1st holder or 2nd holder.. Only the 1st holder will do the trading.

Type of account – Partnership account option not available?

Page 14 – Dividend details – Individal or Company?

Net worth – Individual or company?

Page 15 – 1st holder authorized or Secon?

Depository details – Individual or both?

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