Comment on Lessons from trading on Yes Bank

Naveen commented on 23 Aug 2019, 06:23 PM

Not to scare someone. Lets look at volumes on monthly charts for all the stocks during 2013-2014. Reasons PE re-rating, Modi’s coming to power and reformsthereafter, Dempgraphy, SIP and beginning Mutual fund era. And tell me whether this fall going to stop?
1. Consider that over markets are not tht liquid even when it comes to Large caps for an FPI or other.
2. Look at what can be traded on NSE from this year onwards. (do the home work)

Just a real example: I bought Can fin homes 10000 shares at Rs. 2.8 during 2008-09. when it was at its peak rs. 650+/sh i sold it. The reason every day it used to fall 100% of my buy price. Its Dumb t hold isn’t it. I dint regret when i sold in Jan 2018.
I do trading (cash) on stocks today for little amounts to check human sentiments. Its just a test to see if markets are going to withstand. No they are not. I have been losing money (rs, 100 rs,200 ) Max. But this way i know its scary to trade. I don’t know why there is a big idea getting sold like long term and stuff when Global markets are at peak and there are significant risks.
And India will have deficits as we are an ambitious and developing nation with natural disasters most often. Any govt in power has to allocate a lot on this front and when investment pours in ….let me stop here… its a long term story.
Right now be careful.

Yes, Another reason to be vary is China is heading into recession. YOu fill find most over companies big to small have to fight with their currency downgrade and excess capacity in every industry lowering prices. COMPETITION.

Dreams always need to be alive. However, individually money is something to be protected as a retail investor.
Don’t let it go. Its difficult to make it. Warrens rule Never Lose it come to my mind.

Jai hind.

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