Comment on Lessons from trading on Yes Bank

venkatesan natesan commented on 23 Aug 2019, 06:03 PM

Thanks for sharing very good article.

Yes , I believe intraday trading ( including position & swing ) is good than long term investing, previously , i lost 3 Lakhs overall ( out of this 1.2 Lakh from Sun TV ) , and i stopped entire trading and started analyzing how i lost , where the money is going , and who is gaining out of this.
Finally , i started studying many books ( more than 30) and articles and watched YouTube videos , and done enough research with strong back-test with paper trading, with proper money & risk management.
Now , i am earning ( since last 6 months ) consistently daily 20 K to 40 K. and recovered all the losses.

Whatever i lost , i consider as tuition fees paid for my learning , and now i feel happy even in the down trend market.

Finally, i recommend to all, please go with trend wither short term or long term by using moving average.

Market will give opportunity daily and try to utilize conveniently.

Thanks & best wishes.

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