Comment on 9 years of Zerodha

Rajat Mehta commented on 15 Aug 2019, 06:35 AM

Congrats for the new heights you are reaching each day. I became a member just 2 months back and i am really proud of my decision having tried a couple of other vendors out there in the market.
i have a small feedback.On the holdings page, we get to see the current value of each holding. It would be really great if the original investment amount field is also added next to it. Also, maybe in the long future, we can get a moneycontrol like app only for the zerodha customers who can exchange ideas in the message board of each stock. Moneycontrol app has become filthy now a days with ads, abusing, spam messages floating around a bit too much. Maybe i am asking for too much, but zerodha has spoiled the customers with excellent services and hence the expectations also keep increasing.
Thanks again.

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