Comment on 9 years of Zerodha

Cyriac Kandathil commented on 15 Aug 2019, 12:52 AM

I am a momentum trader of Bank Nifty. On most of the days, your platform does not allow me to place buy orders on far out of the money calls and puts. Your staff gives a stupid answer that your volume is big. Even orders 100 points or above below could not be placed. There is no point in boasting to be the biggest. You need to upgrade your system to meet the growing demands of the clients. On many volatile days, trades are not updated properly and a trader can not close or place orders without shutting down the terminal. I have pointed out these many times. But, it seems you do not care. Ignorant traders who are fireflies may appreciate your boasting. The only attraction I have is your low brokerage. That is the only reason I stick with you.

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