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S GUNASEKARAN commented on 14 Aug 2019, 11:16 PM

Dear Sir,
I need help in getting my Demat Accounts Closed / transmitted to my ACCOUNT No.WG3834 from M/s KARVY STOCK BROKING LIMITED.

I have already submitted DIGITAL COPY of my client Master folio from Zerodha and submitted the same with a written REQUEST both by e-Mail & also a hard copy through their Branch Office.

After a long time they gave replied asking for a clarification/Objection stating the NAME of the ACCOUNT Holder in TARGET ACCOUNT WG3834 of ZERODHA is differing from the one in my Demat Account No.with M/s KARVY STOCK BROKING LTD as S GUNASEKARAN and the Name in the TARGET ACCOUNT of M/s. ZERODHA is given as

In both the ACCOUNTS all other Details like Date of Birth,PAN No,AADHAAR No & e-Mail ID,and Mobile No are COMMON.

They insisted for an explanation/clarification either by an e-Mail from my Registered e-Mail ID or in writing on a plain paper to be sent.Immediately on receipt of their e- Mail,I preferred my CLARIFICATION by REPLY MAIL.
But to my utter dismay,the action is being delayed causing UNTOLD MISERIES and a COLOSSAL FINANCIAL LOSS to me.

All that I want is your guidance over e-Mail and an assistance from you over voice call. to my Mobile No.9486106260
Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Mobile No.9486106260

Post Script:
Is it necessary that BOTH the Account Holders are to be UNIQUE and the same.,?

I think it is possible to that the the TRANSFEROR & TRANSFEREE can be different persons and there is no HITCH or GLITZ in effecting transfer at all on this COUNT.

Please clarify the POSITION OF THE RULES that govern this protracted DELAY by the DP of the TRANSFEROR M/S KARVY.

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