Comment on 9 years of Zerodha

XC6383 commented on 14 Aug 2019, 09:48 PM

i was started my trade acc with some X company in 2008. the problem was they traded their own for the sack of comission every month i added 500 (i worked as a DTP operator with salary 1500) after 6 months the amount goes to 0. so left the acc abounded. later in 2014 shifted to home town, no work, had some capital invested in xerox cum dtp shop. and later came to know about Zeroda. joined. and learnt more and more about trading.

now i can add money 300-500 per month to buy stocks for delivery with hassle free. i now have much confident about trading via CNC in Zeroda one day i may aslo be a gem in MIS Segment. hope the company do care as same today

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