Comment on Introducing the Kite 3 mobile app

Rishi commented on 09 Aug 2019, 10:27 AM

Dear team, here is my feedback and request to look at some impaired functionality. Some features may be new and i am yet to use them.
1. Pop up view of market depth: The previous ability to view market depth in the watchlist right below the scrip was better. A derivatives trader could see the depth in the underlying and monitor the derivative price simultaneously. The pop up view has no added benefit but cuts on flexibility. Earlier, compactness of the depth was nice, charts and order buttons next to each other were well placed and aligned. Key info was available without the eye having to move much. This means the world for scalper trading. Now, the pop up view has price at the top, then huge buy sell buttons, then charts, then the depth, and the vertical arrangement makes it a disjointed scanning experience for the eye. I am used to seeing the LTP, bid-ask, vol, LTQ, in one glance. Now it is difficult.
2. As a result of the change in UI, it takes longer to place orders. Earlier, one would need to open the depth, select buy sell, select order details, and place order. Now, the pop up opens, the scan takes longer due to the arrangement of info, and one has to SWIPE to place the order, (please this is not tinder). This is totally needless complexity. What i could do in under 5 sec earlier now takes more than 10 sec. To me, all the other features and benefits could be negated by the market depth scan and order placement experience.
3. Asking for pin every time the app is restored is not a good feature. Maybe it could be made available as a user setting but for me, it adds to the time it takes from app restore to position entry / exit.
4. A really useful feature would be to see depth on the chart, then one does not really need to open and close so many things. It might be difficult technically, but would be most useful to me. This suggestion is for the desktop version also.
5. For the desktop, a most useful feature would be to be able to resize the window to show only watchlist. Most times, I would only want to see the watchlist and a big chart area at the same time in another pop up. There is no need to permanently devote largest screen area to dashboard, orders, positions etc. A full watchlist view with as many watchlists in the window size can be fitted would also be nice.
6. A floating bar for open orders and positions in any open window would be very helpful and would remove the requirement to open the order tab or positions tab. This could be a user setting. It will be bring all the user needs in one view. What one needs to see, monitor, and execute, all in one window. Maybe orders and positions could be small pop ups in both desktop and mobile (like swiggy’s order delivery map window).
7. A default order user setting would be very helpful. Once set, one need only input qty and price (for limit orders) without any additional clutter.
8. Please consider the UX in app launch-to-task-completion process for ease and the time taken as a check for any new features. Clutter free simplicity with right information at the right place in the least time is my first priority as a trader. This is only available on zerodha, please don’t change any item from the priority list.
Lastly, you all are doing great work, and keep it up. Thanks, and hope to see action or feedback on the suggestions.

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