Comment on Introducing Console holdings

Krish commented on 06 Aug 2019, 02:34 PM

Today the Tax P&L Statement is downloading in Excel format (the JSON text pop-up issue is solved).
Thanks for getting this fixed.
However, both the download links (Tax P&L and Trade-wise Tax P&L) seem to be giving the same statement – Tax P&L. The Header Text (“Tax P&L Statement…”) and content, including F&O Turnover are identical in both.

As I have traded the same F&O scrips multiple times, the Trade-wise F&O Turnover should be different from Scrip-wise Turnover. That’s why I suspect that both the buttons are triggering the Tax P&L statement only and the Trade-wise P&L statement is not being produced.
So, can you please get the Trade-wise Tax P&L Statement download checked and fixed ?
Regards, Krish

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