Comment on Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders

neeraj commented on 05 Aug 2019, 06:03 PM

Dear Bhuvanesh,
My request has actually nothing to do with GTT. I have just asked for a specific kite feature in this forum because this is the latest news from zerodha.

All I am asking for is to not close the order window immediately on clicking “Buy” button or “Sell” button in the order window (To close the order window one can click an additional “Close” button or the existing “Cancel” button itself). This will enable a trader to place one more order with the same order window with just one click. (In fact a similar feature is there in Pi and so I don’t see any confusion for the user; but in Pi it is available only in the chart window and so if I want to buy another scrip immediately, I have to open the chart for that scrip and then place the order there. Moreover Pi charts are not very user friendly when compared to Kite. That is the reason I am asking for this feature in Kite where market watch and chart are there on the screen side-by-side. It is easy to place an order for another scrip from the market watch window in kite.

Two parts of my request are:-
1. Do not close order window on clicking Buy or Sell button. Let it be thru the “Cancel” button only or an additional “Close” button.
2. Allow a maximum of 2 order windows on the screen, one each for a scrip clicked by the user in the market watch. This is useful for a trader who does hedging or pair trading in intraday.

Even if you cannot implement point no. 2 above, at least consider implementing point no. 1. I feel it will be very useful for traders.

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