Comment on Charting - Nest Starter Pack

Hanan commented on 25 Nov 2014, 10:38 AM

Congrats that you trading account is already open with us! It’s just a matter of time before your demat account is open as it takes longer to open a demat account due to additional checks required. If all documentation is accurate, we presume your demat account will be open within 5 working days.

About your old Nest Plus ID, please don’t use it. All of Zerodha’s clients have exclusive features available on Nest Plus which are not available if you maintain an individual account on Nest Plus. Your username and password for Nest Plus will be ZERODHA_CLIENTID

If you’ve followed the instructions on updating Plus on ZT version 3.11.2, it should work. If it’s still not working don’t hesitate to call our support number on 08040402020

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