Comment on Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders

Sukhen K Mitra commented on 27 Jul 2019, 07:27 AM

Hi Siva,
Many thanks for your reply.

I am from old school and a full time trader. I use good old desktops and use 100 Mbps steady connection on a 16 GB RAM. When you are having an overlay like a browser, there are problems with speed. Nonetheless, I have seen a lag in arrival of your data when you are on browser and I understand it is highly possible. Browsers can be easily affected by malwares. Anyways, I won’t argue on that but we may agree that compared to browsers, independent platforms are more reliable. Check yr data on exes like Pi/FYERS ONE/other data vendors (I use MT4 occasionally) and compare it with Kite on web. Many times, I saw their quotes hit earlier than on Kite.

Mobile might be good but I don’t trade using Mobile unless I’m away from my monitor and that is rare. I hate small screens. To use Kite on Android, my only workaround is installing Android on my laptop, nothing else came to mind.

Your first line – Trading from charts options is on our top priority list – makes me happy. I do appreciate and thank you guys very much.

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