Comment on Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders

Bandar Singh commented on 26 Jul 2019, 02:23 PM

Like many people have already mentioned in some of the forums, we desperately need decimal trailing stop loss feature. For low value shares…even the Nifty 50 top companies have pretty low value – take for instance Tata Motors. Here when we are forced to put only 1 rs as trailing stop, then temporary short covering or profit booking wipes out our entire gains before going back in the same direction.
Take today for example, there was a momentary turn around in Nifty and I ended up losing all the gains before the share went back in the same direction because my original SL didn’t get hit but my trailing SL got hit. If I had put .3 as trailing, then the SL would have been triggered yet giving me a profit.

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