Comment on Introducing the Kite 3 mobile app

Sunil commented on 26 Jul 2019, 11:08 AM

I have been using this for a bit and overall I like it very much. Going into some details

What I liked
– pretty close the desktop website featues
– Price picker is cool (would have been nice if you allowed to pick the upper/lower circuit too)
– touchid
– left/right swipe to move between watchlists

A few possible improvements
– Some precious real estate looks unnecessary/redundant
– Boxes indicating the watchlist number (like in old version) is good. No need of saying “watchlist 1”. We are already in watchlist tab/section anyway.
– The bottom panel looks crowded. The “apps” icon can probably move inside the profile. I hardly use “apps”. I am not sure how many people use it frequently.

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