Comment on Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders

Ankit commented on 26 Jul 2019, 02:45 AM

Hi Nitin,
I have been using Streak since last one week and it is an excellent tool to work with . It has helped novice like me to automate things and work efficiently.

I want to give feedback or need improvements on two below things which will help me become more effective

(1) When we create strategy; fields like Qty/Price/SL/Target should be there separately for multiple stocks .I should be able to fill these four data fields separately for multiple stocks and then execute that strategy and see backtest results for a month in one go only for multiple stocks.

(2)Secondly instead of receiving alerts for entry condition and than taking action , can’t we place orders straight away with actions by using SL-M option

If we create a strategy and deploy it than it asks for regular or BO. If we select “BO” than whenever entry condition is triggered, we receive alert and then we take action

Current scenario:
If we use ORB(15 min) strategy , than i know high/low of 15 min range. I have to wait for breakout to happen and sit till the time it happens.Once it happens i receive alert and then i need to take action

Suggestion:If we use ORB(15 min) strategy , than i know high/low of 15 min range
Now i should be able to place BO order with SL-M so that i don’t have to wait for breakout to happen whole day. As soon as 15 min is over Entry orders with SL_M should be sent along with their respective SL and target.

Can these two things be done or is there any way to overcome these challenges?


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