Comment on Introducing the Kite 3 mobile app

Deepak commented on 23 Jul 2019, 12:27 PM

I just love the Kite 3 app for iOS, but I’m listing a few UI interface feedback & bugs.

1.) When you switch between tabs like watchlist, positions, order, etc and then when you return to the watchlist tab the scrips listing goes back to the top. For example, in ‘Watchlist 1’ I have 50 scrips and the last (50th) one is say L&T, then if I switch to positions and then back to ‘Watchlist 1’ the window view goes to the top and have to scroll down to the bottom to see L&T again. Earlier Kite remembered the position of the scroll.

2.) Same as above, imagine you are tracking L&T in ‘Watchlist 1’ and it is the last scrip (50th). Now if I have to check the market index ‘Overview’ I have to scroll completely to the top and then click on the arrow to show the market index ‘Overview’. This becomes cumbersome & irritating to scroll up & down.

3.) If you opened the ‘Overview’ market index tab to get back to watchlist you either need to tap on the greyed-out watchlist below or click on the X button on the top right-hand corner. A simple scroll up can also be added for speed such that you scroll up to close the Overview tab and get back directly to the current watchlist. You reduce one tap this way 😀

4.) In the Kite desktop app when you pin your desired scrip to show in no.1 or no.2 position it returns back to default. Imagine the 1st pin is ‘Nifty’ & 2nd pin is changed to ‘Bank Nifty’ after logging out, the 2nd pin returns back to ‘Sensex’ as default.

5.) Following the same scenario as in the above point. For example you pin ‘L&T’ as your 2nd pin and when you click on the 2nd pin to open the ‘L&T’ chart. The chart opens on the right frame normally but it displays the name as ‘Sensex’

These are just some of the quirks which I have experienced on both the Desktop & Kite 3 mobile iOS app. I hope these UI fixes are done in the next update. Let’s all contribute together to make Zerodha a flawless trading experience. Thanks again in advance !

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