Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

trader commented on 16 Jul 2019, 11:20 AM

There are so many hidden charges in Zerodha. Even for auto square-off there is a charge of 24 rupees. Also if the option stock is not sold during last week of expiry, daily they charge 800 rupees for every 1 lakhs rupees of the equivalent future stock value. (say you bought an option stock of 1000 quantity of Glenmark at 50 paise. It costs you 500 rupees only. The future stock price of Glenmark is 800 rupees. So 800×1000=800000 rupes. if you hold the option stock it till expiry, there is a charge of 6400 rupees for last 3 days= 6400×3=19200 rupees. Yes for you purchase of 500 rupees, you have to pay 19200 rupees if it expires)

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