Comment on Introducing Scanner by Streak

Streak commented on 14 Jul 2019, 02:41 PM

Hi Bineeth,

a) Supertrend for long in strategy is “close crosses above Supertrend(7,3)”
In scanner, you can also use “close higher than Supertrend(7,3)” Ref:, also ASSIST feature helps you with auto-filling most of the conditions with default settings.
More can be found on the link above. Key point is to note the difference b/w cross over vs higher/lower than (
b) Backtesting we currently support upto day candle, higher will be released soon.
The backtest lookback period can we changed as per your requirement by clicking on parameters on backtest page(this option on create page will be released soon)
c) High(0) means the latest high, of the lastest candle, like normally when you speak, and say what is current candles high,(it refers to that).
High(-1) i.e with offset 1, means previous candles high. Offset lets you access any older value.
Hope this helps.

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