Comment on Introducing Scanner by Streak

Streak commented on 14 Jul 2019, 02:24 PM

Hi Nilesh,

Scanners and strategies are different form the perspective that one filters out scrips passively while other is for generating timely trade signals.
Our scanner has more options than the create strategies(although most of it can be achieved in strategies too, eg: for SMA offset you can use moving average indicator which has offset option), as it newly released, and same will be available in strategies as we are working on backward compatibility. Our scanners are real-time, and produce accurate results when compared to other similar services.
We will also release much needed short-cuts for converting scanners to strategies and vice-versa very soon.
Please not that Backtesting of scanners as you mentioned in you comment about other platform is completely misleading and not relevant as it just tells how many scrips have meet the condition in the past, but nothing about the performance, risk, target metrics, etc.
Streak Scanner beta has been released, soon we will be releasing many more features, which continues to provide extremely simplified user along with many webinars.
Hope this clarifies.

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