Comment on Tradetax for income tax returns when trading

Girish commented on 14 Jul 2019, 01:45 PM

Hello sir,
I trade with zerodha.
My F&O turnover is 4.96 lakhs and loss is 36000.
My intraday turnover is 8155 and loss is 6304
My short term trade loss is 5736 and long term loss is 3707.
My salary income is 4 lakhs and interest income is 1 lakh.
Kindly clarify regarding:
1) should I file ITR3
2) is auditing required (turnover is 5 lakhs and total income is >2.5 lakhs)
3) offsetting the F&O loss against interest income is possible without auditing in my case?
4) can i declare 6% of F&O turnover as profit under presumptive income (sec 44AD) and go without auditing.
5) In ITR-3, speculative turnover and profit is separately asked, which means that what i declare under presumptive business income is only F&O turnover.
6) how to contact, to get the help in auditing/filing related matters

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