Comment on Introducing Scanner by Streak

Bineeth Mistry commented on 14 Jul 2019, 09:34 AM

If i’m a positional/swing trader, how am i to benefit from Streak, since
most of the scanners are on Minute timeframe?

a) How to tune the parameters for indicators / Candle interval (Timeframe) while creating a strategy.
e.g. How to use Supertrend for Long , holding the position for few days/ weeks,
Supertrend(7,3,0) ,MACD( ), MACD SIgnal( )
How to tweak the parameters to align with my trade horizon.
b) The Backtest calculation is based on candle interval? How does it work for Day/Weekly interval.
I have noticed that when the backtest is run it doesn’t consider the relevant look back period, nor is there an option to put the same before running the same.
c) High(0),Low(0), High(-1),Low(-1), Offset is not clear to me.
d) .

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