Comment on No DP charges on Coin redemptions!

SVL commented on 02 Jul 2019, 11:02 AM

Hi !! Good morning ! I have a request. I am not sure how far it’s feasible, on our platform to cope-up. Am a regular MF investor on this. Direct purchase or SIP is being carried out by me [like any one else of course] based on various searches being carried out from time to time. BUT NOW, the question is, how far am I [or any one else for that matter] going correctly on those selected MFs ? Therefore, if there is any option or guiding / referring factor/site[s] from where I can verify/check about the correctness/safety of my existing MF portfolio [i.e.already made investments] I can come out or stop further SIPs in a particular scrip to stop further loss in a particular scrip. If such facility is available here to us, it will not only help our existing investors like me and also may attract new guys too. Request to think this over. Await for your help and/or guidance. Thank you.

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