Comment on Introducing Console holdings

Arpitha commented on 21 Jun 2019, 06:09 PM

Have some query, not regarding the topic above, why the Zeroadha data in the chart is not matching with the NSE, as I was looking into the Nifty June Future. Today dated 21-06-2019, Nifty Jun Fut HIgh-11842.60 but in the chart, I don’t see this value. I see high was 11839.05 in the chart. why it’s not reflecting in the chart?
Some people taking this as an advantage and selling some other broker data as we can see the data’s are matching in the chart according to the NSE. I have observed it for so many months.
Is this is a drawback in zerodha? this can’t be resolved? do we need to pay for other brokers to get proper data in chart?

Awaiting for the reply

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