Comment on Coin is now completely free!

M Naidu commented on 20 Jun 2019, 11:45 AM

This is awesome. Coin is free and Mutual funds are direct. You guys are the best brokerage in India..I’m looking forward now to an Interest-free Loan against securities service. This will totally shake the Industry but you guys are first movers in everything so I’m sure that you will lead the disruption.

Just one important request. When will you make trading free also? This is a bit of discrimination. Equity Investors are enjoying 0 Brokerage. Mutual fund Investors are enjoying free service + Direct mutual funds but Traders have to pay Rs 20 on buy side and Rs 20 on sell side.

Its causing a lot of problem for active traders like us. Please make trading free as soon as possible or bring it down to Rs 5 per order at least. You guys are the best! I’m looking forward to your announcement soon.

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