Comment on Charting - Nest Starter Pack

ssuhas commented on 23 Nov 2014, 05:38 PM

1 )yesterday i got email from zerodha that my trading account is open after that i installed zerodha trader b i changed my passsword it just open nsefo & cds script not equity script is that because trading account cant possible to trade in equity
2 ) how much day still needs to open dmat account
3)before i using nest3 with nestpluse thats why i already have nest plus id &

password is that work for also zerodha trader platform nest pluse login
4) i tried to download nestpluse but it doesn’t work i tnink zerodha trader already have nest pluse but i have to update t0 2.9.9 version but i tried u r above mention processes but it paste downloaded version without any prompt as u mention above can u realy find out all problems i mentioned above
id DS4503 please reply me

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