Comment on Referrals and rewards

mohan commented on 03 Jun 2019, 02:14 AM

I am trying to open account without referral.

When making a payment , i got error “Your payment could not be captured. Please try later”.

So, i tried again. I got same error to make payment again. I tried again.

To my surprise 3*300 = 900/- rupees got debited.

Reference IDs:

I got 3 annaxure emails. Did zeroda open 3 accounts or what?

Agreed , your payment gateway is faulty. Similar issue faced even by others in support forum. We don’t know when your Payment Gateway will fix these kind of issue. But pl. ask your Payment Gateway provider to STOP raising MISLEADING error messages. Atleast i expect your error messages should be correct. It should rather say “Your payment could not be captured. Please try later. PLEASE CHECK YOUR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IF AMOUNT IS DEBITED OR NOT. If debited, do not try again. If not debited, try again after 1 hour”.

There should be no hesitation in fixing these kinds of issues before aspiring referral customers.

Sure, next few days i will be wasting my time to contact zeroda helpline.

Perhaps Zeroda should have adopted something like ‘Paytm’ as Payment Gateway. Or atleast recity error messages as suggested.

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