Comment on Referrals and rewards

PSShrimali commented on 29 May 2019, 10:38 PM

Its an ordinary step… Nothing special…!

I think all the people I had referred to zerodha was because of the zerodha’s uniqueness of sharing the revenue to its members for referring rather than advertising. But then it changed overnight. The 1st one was the passive income generator idea and this one is not that.

Actually, after so many years of experience I know one thing, that the business should do cross selling its best business practise but when its done by force then it back fire…! As it was mentioned in the article that the 1 reward point is equal to 1 rupee… then why you simply not crediting 1 rupee…! because by one way or the other this one rupee will come to eco system of zerodha… directly via trading or investment or via buying action of any value added product…!!

And above all, it will keep the goodness or ever lasting charm of its “Passive Income Generator”.

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