Comment on Referrals and rewards

Krishna commented on 29 May 2019, 03:49 PM

Hi all,
My wish is to see ZERODHA as no.1 at all times. ( because initiation in reducing brokerages)
It’s our request from all of traders,
Before referring to your trading platform zerodha, we need the graph area to be enlarged, the trading view styles to be updated, it will not save and update our settings completely, we cannot change and save each time. we need you to be again compete with other emerging trading platforms in the market, but onething +ve abt the platform is, its comparatively bit stable.

Hope it will be considered, then I’ll start my trade again in ZERODHA. and then AFTER SATISAFACTION – TRADING IN ZERODHA, ill refer without your points or bonus. When the trading is easy at zerodha comparing to others, we will refer like anything. no bonus required, no manipulation about this reference thing. Its with lot of errors.

Now this referring is suffering.

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