Comment on Scrip-wise charges now on Console

Ravi Bhandari commented on 24 May 2019, 03:10 PM

Hi Zerodha Team,

Thanks for the new feature and update under Console, that helps lot to know where our profit and loss going exactly. Thanks a lot….

Also one suggestion, during intraday we have to go back to our “orders” to either book profit or loss or cancel the script and it some time takes time to either book big profit or come out of big loss and it is matter of seconds, hence it would be good and rather prefer if you can add this feature in “positions” directly so that we can immediate come out of the order placed directly without going to “Orders”. That would help us to take immediate action in matter of flash timings. Or you can add a feature on the Chart itself so once we place order we can see on chart and if we want to come out of the order we can do it from then and there itself. It would benefit lot many customer along with me to book good profit and save less losses.

Hope to see if it can be applied on Zerodha Terminal


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