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Amar singh commented on 24 May 2019, 01:07 AM

Hi Nitin,
I hope you will read this comment.
I have a query.
Let’s say i have 5k in my account.I did trading and got a profit of 1k.So now my total account value is 6k.
Now i did another trade on the same day and i got a loss of -1k but i didn’t clear the trade.I carry forwarded it for the next day.So it means next day i will have 6k in my account and one open trade with -1k.
But why at zerodha for next day i still have 5k in my account for next day and the same trade with -1k.
Where is my profit of 1k went?
If i didn’t sell the losing trade then why are you making my profit for the day zero and again next day i am taking the trade in loss.
You can only make the P/L zero if both trades has been cleared on the same day.
Let’s say if i carry forward the trade and don’t have any profit next day and still have the same -1k loss then my account value will become 4k but if i had cleared it on the previous day my account value would have been 5k.
Why i am getting loss of -2k instead of -1k.
Why that profit is not being added for that day.
I will only have that loss of -1k on the day i will clear that trade not on the day i bought.
Can you please clarify this?

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