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vishal commented on 18 May 2019, 10:49 AM

Current Version of Sentinel is very boring to use for a Intraday Trader

For someone who only cares about Price levels, there should be simple and motivating input facility

I suggest the following
Give us a table with basic headings below,

Scrip –Value–Condition–Trigger–Status–Activate–Delete

This is a basic table for a trader to refer to in which zerodha may add more columns if you need

In addition to this, You may also give a sorting facility for each column

Sort the table Scrip name wise
Sort trigger status wise Just like an Excel Table

Also, user should be able to change the cell values in this any time

Pressing an enter button should be sufficient to “Update”

During intraday trading, there is high tension in traders mind
He wants triggers
But you have made the simple process so clumsy that he is demotivated to use it regularly for his advantage.

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