Comment on Streak just got a whole lot better

Streak commented on 17 May 2019, 04:41 PM

Hi Mayur,

You question answers itself, they don’t get approvals, as there is no clear provision currently of doing it for retails traders.

Having said that, other platform just filter out scrips based on a passive filter(where you don’t know which scrips the conditions has worked in past), and don’t actively track markets based on users strategy and open positions there after(along with TP and SL), nor do they provide extensive backtesting, and simplified strategy creation.

If you strategy is so sensitive that a few seconds lag in placement of order causes you to miss your opportunity(causing you to ask for notification), then you should revisit the strategy, as your target price then becomes lower than the usual slippage which exits in the markets.
With Streak you can backtest and identify clear strategies for you which are not so sensitive to such small price and have clear opportunity identification along with broader trends.

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